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Ultra Short Wave Diathermy – NSL CDB-1 (China)



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Ultra Short Wave Diathermy – NSL CDB-1 (China)


Ultra-short wave diathermy apparatus Model CDB-1 is one of the basic devices of physical therapy. The use of high frequency field formed by the current and plate electrode enables the body temperature around the treated part to be raised so as to cure rheumatism, precipitate , enhance the metabolism of human tissues, recover the dunction of nerves and vessels, and relieve pains and spasm , it can restrains growth of bacterial and promote absorption of surplus body liquid, dephlogistication and detumescence, It is also effective for heal of wounds and treatment of wound infection and other various acute and malignant inflammation. The sustem is of desk-type, stable is performance , even in heat and easy to operate.


  • Short wave Diathermy CDB1
  • Maximum output power: 200w
  • Working frequency: 40.68MHZ
  • Main voltage: 220V, 50HZ
  • Consumption power: 700w
  • Volume: 490*330*240mm
  • Weight: 19kg


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