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Manual Wheel Chair – NSL802-35


Model Number: FS802-35
Product Name: Wheel Chair
Place of Origin: China
Material: Steel
Function: Wheelchair Model Function Code:
Drop Back Handle
Mag Wheel
Elevating Legrest
Reclining High Back
Hand Brake
United Brake
Quick Release Axle
Stainless Steel
Inclined Armrest
Hard Cushion Seat

(-35):Seat Width 35cm(14″)
(-41):Seat Width 41cm(16″)
(-43):Seat Width 43cm(17″)
(-46):Seat Width 46cm(18″)
(-51):Seat Width 51cm(20″)
(-56):Seat Width 56cm(22″)

Main Parameters:

Diameter of big wheel(cm):59
Diameter of small wheel(cm):20
Biggest load(kg):100
Transport dimension(cm):94*24*89
Net weight,Gross weight:(NET)19 (GROSS)21


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