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ECG Machine – 3 Channel – NSL Cardico-306 Kenz (Japan)


Cardico 306 

5.7 inch Touch Screen Operation and Patient Data Entry
Direct Connection with Epson Printer*
Mega Memory : Internal 200 + Removeable USB 20,000/8G (Resting ECG Records)

Recording Modes

Auto Mode
Simple one touch operation of fully automatic ECG recording and analysis.
And you can freeze ECG on the display if any ECG abnormality is found, then you can start automatic recording and analysis of the captured ECG on the display.

Pre-Check Mode
Monitoring occurrence of arrhythmia. If arrhythmia is detected, ECG recording and analysis will be started automatically.

Manual Mode
Conventional manual ECG recording without analysis.
Leads, speed, sensitivity and filter can be selected manually.

Long Term Mode
Arrhythmia Analysis: Analyze ventricular premature contraction, supraventricular premature contraction and atrial fibrillation by recording selected single leadfor a long term.
Autonomic Nervous System Test(ANST) can be performed.

Network Interface : LAN
Arrhythmia Monitoring & Summary up to 15 minutes
C306 + Epson printer* 12ch ECG with A4 size paper
*Optional Features


Touch Screen Operation
Patient information and operational setting conditions
can be entered by touching with a finger.

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Out of stock


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