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Digital Ultrasound Scanner B/W – NSL Prosound 2 Aloka (Japan)

For both High Image Quality and Portability

The ProSound 2 has been developed to meet the demand for high image quality in a portable unit.

It features user-friendly simple operation with a variety of optional probes, making it ideal for today’s increasingly diversifying examination environment thanks to its enhanced flexibility and ingenuity.

High image quality technologies developed for the higher models of the ProSound series are incorporated into the system to support accurate diagnosis.

A large variety of optional probes are available to suit many types of examinations.


Extended Pure Harmonic Detection (ExPHD)
Tissue Harmonic Echo by phase-modulation method is the standard specification. The system offers images of high accuracy by reducing unnecessary echoes without sacrificing sensitivity.

Multi Frequency Imaging (MFI)
A single probe can provide multiple transmission frequencies that can be selected according to the physique of the patient.

Edge Enhancement Function

  • Edges of tissues such as intima of the carotid artery are emphasized for clear visualization
  • USB memory port is equipped as a standard item ensuring efficient digital data management
  • 10.4 inch LCD monitor
  • Foldable operation panel


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