ICU Ventilator NSL MEK MTV 1000 (Korea)

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MEK MTV 1000 is a portable ICU ventilator with Turbine, oxygen blender and optional (SpO2, EtCO2 functions).

This system is a versatile device to care acute and sub-acute life support in unlimited places.

  • ICU Grade Ventilator
  • Electronic Beep and blender control
  • Built-in Air generator – Turbine blower type
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Dual & Single Limb circuit compatible

Display: 7” color TFT, Touch Screen & Knob with communication port

Ventilation Mode: PRVC, PRVC-SIMV, V-ACV, PACV, P-SIMV, AUTO, Spont+/CPAP, O2 Stream, Apnea Back up

Breathing Circuit: Dual Limb or Single Limb circuit applicable

Lung Mechanics: Insp. Hold

Optional Accessories:  Monitor: 12” EXT, TFT LCD Monitor, Nasal Cannula for O2 stream

Vital Sign: Function: SpO2, EtCO2

Nebulizer Function: Pneumatic

Cart/ Trolley: Mobile cart for MTV 1000, Mobile cart for ICU package